First meeting of the year


It seems the year has started off well for GranaSAT. On the 9th of January we held our first meeting of the year at the Faculty of Science. Yawning and sleeps aside, we went through the work we have already done and marked our next milestones.

Andrés gave us some advice about how to protect the camera lens from dust and light to prevent reflections. Teresa shared with us her progress with the mechanical design. Ramssel and Alejandro González started to investigate how much information will our experiment send to the ground station during the flight. Víctor and Pedro gave us an update about their work at the electronics department. Alejandro García explained the results of the first software tests he has performed. We heard the news about the translation and marketing tasks from Eva. Manu was requested to test his origami skills to practice with the design of a flexible heater for the experiment. This heater will be in charge of keeping the camera warm during the flight.

We established the date for the next meeting, 20th January, and we took some pictures at the Faculty. Have a look at them!

See you soon!