Overview of the whole project

GranaSAT – Who we are

Creativity and a deep desire to change the world are two things that come first for every student at the University of Granada. For the first time in its history, a team of nine students is working to fulfil their dream: to reach outer space. We are Telecommunication Technology Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Law and Translation and Interpreting students. Education and science are being given diminished attention in our country, but this project has encouraged us to work hard and thanks to it we have regained hope.


The project is supported by university professors and by the University of Granada itself. Furthermore, GranaSAT team has been selected among other teams from leading universities for a prestigious European competition: the REXUS/BEXUS programme. This way, GranaSAT project is attracting the attention of thousands of people towards Granada.


Our experiment consist of the design and building of an attitude system that will allow any spacecraft to orientate in outer space by taking pictures of the stars.