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Infineon Technologies AG offers a wide range of semiconductor solutions, microcontrollers, LED drivers, sensors and Automotive & Power Management ICs. [social type=”twitter” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://twitter.com/Infineon[/social] [social type=”facebook” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”] https://www.facebook.com/Infineon[/social] [social type=”youtube” size=”small” color=”Yes”]https://www.youtube.com/user/InfineonTechnologies[/social]

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URE – Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles

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Spanish Amateur radio association for purposes of private recreation, non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, and emergency communication. [social type=”twitter” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://twitter.com/ure_es[/social]  [social type=”facebook” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”] https://es-la.facebook.com/EA4URE[/social]

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KISSlicer is a fast, easy-to-use, cross-platform program that takes 3D files (STL) and generates path information (G-code) for a 3D Printer. The FREE version has all the features needed for the hobbyist who uses a single-head machine. The PRO version essentially adds multi-head and multi-model printing.[social type=”twitter” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”][/social] [social type=”facebook” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”][/social]

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Inesem Business School

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INESEM is a School of Business and Graduate Studies, whose specialty is the promotion and development of professional careers.[social type=”twitter” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://twitter.com/Inesem_[/social] [social type=”facebook” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://www.facebook.com/inesem.business.school?fref=ts[/social]

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EUROINNOVA FORMACIÓN is a Centre of Advanced Graduate Studies and specialized in Open and Distance Education. [social type=”twitter” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://twitter.com/CursosOficiales[/social] [social type=”facebook” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”] https://www.facebook.com/cursosymaster?fref=ts[/social]

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Cocoroco is a coworking space where professionals from different sectors come together under one roof in which they operate. We generate ideas, create community, co-create, we are Cocoroco. [social type=”twitter” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://twitter.com/holacocoroco [/social] [social type=”facebook” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://www.facebook.com/cocoroco.es[/social]

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Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data. SolidWorks products are easy to learn and use, and work together to help you design products better, faster, and more cost-effectively. The SolidWorks focus on ease-of-use allows more engineers, designers and other technology professionals than ever before to take advantage of 3D in bringing their designs to life. [social type=”twitter” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://twitter.com/solidworks [/social] [social type=”facebook” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://www.facebook.com/solidworks[/social]

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“Granada Excellence Network of Innovation Laboratories” (GENIL) is a project which was approved in the first edition of the Campus Program of International Excellence, in the R&D and Transfer subprogram, announced by the Order PRE/1996/2009 and published in the Spanish Official Gazette of 20-17-2009 (BOE). This project intends to design and develope a new academic and scientific environment for the teaching, research and innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), Mathematics and Computational Physics (GENIL Campus).

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The ESATAN Thermal Modelling Suite ESATAN-TMS is a complete thermal modelling environment and brings under one roof the capabilities of ESARAD, ESATAN, FHTS and ThermNV.

ESATAN-TMS is the single user interface to the complete analysis process, including radiative and thermal analysis. The high productivity interface supports a wide range of features to allows fast, accurate analysis however complex the problem.


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University of Granada


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Facultad de Ciencias


[lightbox src=”images/logotipos/etsiit/etsiit.jpeg” width=”215″ height=”250″ lightbox=”off” title=”Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenierías Informática y de Telecomunicación” align=”left” ]

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenierías Informática y de Telecomunicación


[lightbox src=”images/logotipos/vice/vice.jpg” width=”215″ height=”200″ lightbox=”off” title=”Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Granada” align=”left” ]

Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Granada


Space Institutions

[lightbox src=”images/logotipos/dlr/descarga.jpg” width=”215″ height=”190″ lightbox=”off” title=”German Aerospace Center (Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt)” align=”left” ]

German Aerospace Center (Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt)


The Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. is the national research center for aviation and space flight of Germany and the German Space Agency. [social type=”twitter” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://twitter.com/DLR_en [/social] [social type=”facebook” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://www.facebook.com/DLRen?fref=ts[/social] [social type=”youtube” size=”small” color=”Yes”]http://www.youtube.com/user/DLRde[/social]

[lightbox src=”images/logotipos/snsb/rymdstyrelsen.jpg” width=”215″ height=”40″ lightbox=”off” title=”Swedish National Space Board” align=”left” ]

Swedish National Space Board


The Swedish National Space Board, SNSB, is a central government agency under the Ministry of Education and Research Swiss. SNSB is responsible for national and international activities related to space and remote sensing, primarily research and development.

[lightbox src=”images/logotipos/esa/Logo_ESA.jpg” width=”215″ height=”86″ lightbox=”off” title=”Europe Space Agency” align=”left” ]

Europe Space Agency


The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. Its mission is to shape the development of Europe’s space capability and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world.

[social type=”twitter” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://twitter.com/esa [/social] [social type=”facebook” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://www.facebook.com/EuropeanSpaceAgency[/social] [social type=”youtube” size=”small” color=”Yes”]http://www.youtube.com/user/ESA[/social]

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EuroLaunch, a cooperation between the Esrange Space Center of SSC and the Mobile Rocket Base (MORABA) of DLR, is responsible for the campaign management and operations of the launch vehicles.

[lightbox src=”images/logotipos/ssc/SSC_logonuevo.png” width=”215″ height=”215″ lightbox=”off” title=”Swedish Space Corporation” align=”left” ]

Swedish Space Corporation


As a global provider of advanced space services, the Swedish Space Corporation enables government agencies, enterprises and other institutions, commercial or research purposes to help benefit the Earth from space.

[social type=”twitter” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]https://twitter.com/Sscspace[/social] [social type=”facebook” size=”small” style=”cicle” color=”Yes”]http://www.facebook.com/SSC.SwedishSpaceCorporation[/social]

[lightbox src=”images/logotipos/zarm/ZarmLogoColor.png” width=”215″ height=”131″ lightbox=”off” title=”Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity” align=”left” ]

Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity


The Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) is part of the Department of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen. The main laboratory of ZARM is the Bremen Drop Tower. It offers the opportunity for short-term experiments under high-quality microgravity conditions and is the only laboratory of this kind in Europe.