In order for GranaSAT project members to have knowledge of the material in the laboratory, their location, and the number of components an inventory has been created in Google Drive. This inventory, created by means of a spreadsheet, summarizes in different sheets the materials with which we count, their quantity, manufacturer, reference number and their datasheet. In this way, if a component is exhausted, it can be recalled by its reference number and the distributor.

The inventory is structured in three files:

  • Components stored in classifiers: passive components (resistor, capacitor and inductors) and other electronic devices.
  • SMD components stored in different boxes.
  • Connectors stored in different boxes.

In each file we will have a first sheet containing a summary of the stored components, indicating a brief description, quantity, location in the laboratory and the date of the last modification. Then the rest of the sheets show a more detailed description of the components.


To look for a component in the inventory first we must decide to which set belongs: SMD components, connectors or electrical and electronic components. Next, we must perform the search within the corresponding spreadsheet with the help of Google Drive functions: Ctrl+H.

If the component has been found, indicate the number of devices to be taken by subtracting them from the current total amount. This way the number of components will be reduced automatically in the first summary sheet and the modification date will be updated. In addition, this inventory allows the administrator to observe the history of components used to make a study of the components most demanded.

The link to access the inventory is as follows:


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