Control of the laser cutter with Benbox Software

The simplest software for controlling the system is Benbox and it is a Chinese software supported only in the Windows operating system that allows you to record images in the main formats (jpg, png, bmp or DXF). The following describes a small installation tutorial and explanation of the tool interface.


  • Installation of drivers so that the computer recognizes that the device has been connected. To do this, connect the USB cable to the machine and the working computer and run the executable Driver.exe by clicking INSTALL. Once the installation is complete we will be in My Computer/Device Manager and check that the USB-SERIAL CH340 is on the desired port.

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  • We install the software by running the Benbox.exe executable and following the simple installation steps.

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  • Install the firmware in case it is not already installed as it is normally installed next to the program. To do this, simply press the control buttons of the arm movement and check if they work. In case they do not move we must update the firmware by clicking on the button to record the firmware on the board and selecting the serial port on which we have connected the equipment and the ROM of our board: NANO(328p)/LX-Nano. We look in the path where the program Benbox/3.7.99/roms/ the file LX-Nano.328p.20150626.hex is installed and we load it.


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